Collective Exhibition: Fire/Water/Earth/Sky



Frames For You Gallery is pleased to present a collaborative exhibition of visual/photographic work by the mother/daughter artists: AIKI/THE BEARMAIDEN.

The exhibition, Fire/Water Earth/Sky; photographs by the BearMaiden and acrylic, mixed media paintings by Aiki, had its genesis in the Nevada desert, in August 2019. The photos capture the massive scale of Earth, illustrating the essence of Nevada Mountains and desert; light and shadow on rock, the graininess of rock turning to sand. Photographing the night sky, free of the distortions of man made light, the BearMaiden shows the immensity of a sky filled with a thousand stars and planets, the utter stillness of the universe without man.

These images opened a dialogue with Aiki, about how nature becomes vision becomes art.

Aiki explores the minuscule components of the energies of fire and water in small-scale works on wood and canvas. Using acrylic mediums with glitter and various materials to look closely at the birth of fire, combustion and fire as both destructive and nurturing. Water, oceans, a study of blue, from ultramarine to green blue to warm almost purple, looks at submerging into the depths to the very incandescent birth of water.

This work, at the intersection of photography and painting, of eye-vision to hands on translation, became a visual dialogue, a conversation between Mother and Daughter.


Opening Reception:

January 31st, 5PM

January 31 through March 6, 2020
The Frames For You Gallery
136 west 72nd Street
New York, NY 10023